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& Remembering why I started in the first place”

Etana has been in reggae for 10 years now. Singer, Songwriter & CEO, her influence is life and everyday people with everyday experience.


My wish especially for the island of Jamaica is for the people to keep love in their hearts and not forget how our fore parents used to share and care.

“Coming times will not be easier and may not get easier for many”

I want them to know it’s not about what another country has but where Jamaica started and the great Jamaica we are today.

“Wish us all courage, strength, prosperity and unconditional love”


The government of Kenya decided to invest in young talent by creating three studios fully equipped with all it takes to produce a song or create a movie.

Also, they partnered with a tv station and radio DJs which is the medium through which the music and film created will be aired.

The purpose of me being there was to participate in the launch of the venture and have conversations with young talent. I answered many questions like, what is it like on a tour? How do o keep up? When do I sleep? Or how do I avoid getting hoarse? Questions like that.


Klyve Crieffe and I met years ago at his Venue. I was told by my road manager maybe seven years ago he (klyve) and his sister wanted to work with me. They did an audition and became part of my team and we have been working together.



Loyalty &

Wicked talent


Team World A Reggae is a company that are major supporters of reggae music and Jamaican culture.

With that said you can imagine how they promote music in every way possible and have supported the music I create for years.

“ I am very grateful for them”



Martinique is a special place I hold dear to my heart. They really love the music and they are very passionate people. I can feel the love and rebel in them at the same time. Awesome people.

“I Can Feel The Rebel In Them”

I am happy I have real fans. Some were upset, some were more caring, some were very defensive. All in all, I am blessed with real fans who know and love Me for me. I was reminded that one should not speak without thorough knowledge of the content or topic being discussed. I also was reminded that everyone across the world has an opinion and will always have something to say, so sometimes it’s better to say nothing at all. I learned many things but those to me are some worth mentioning.



In the meanwhile… enjoy last Mixtape of Selecta Dubee of Upsetta

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I have nothing but unconditional love in my heart for each and every one. I honor, love and respect all my fans. KRIBBEAN people, pop style, live and grow. Experience life like you want it without apology as long as don’t cause harm and pain to others and if you can’t be good, be careful.

“One Perfect Love”

More than a place.. a way of living!
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