Unity & Hope

All members met at Edna Manley, it was a custom for all students to form groups as an assignment for performing. From there that is where the idea of having their own band came about. The reason for forming the band was mainly to play reggae music, and this stemmed from music history classes. The college helped with the bands sound in the sense that they were exposed to many different styles of music as well as the lecturers who themselves were veterans.

We would like to see the music industry in country improves, as well as opportunities for jobs, education and healthcare. 🇯🇲


Rock guitars in our music is something close to our souls as we try to let the instruments be reflective of our souls with authenticity and musicianship.

“The secret is not only within the guitar but with a combination of everyone’s taste and soul that contributes to the overall sound”


Our recent US Tour was great, with packed venues and great sound systems.

‘It was our first time to be able to spread our music live there and is pleased by the way the massive received it’

Aldayne (lead singer) —

“It’s a good feeling to play with much talented musicians because it makes your job a lot easier. You will have a lot of trust on stage because everybody’s level of competence is high.”



The Wailers influence on us, is a number of things, the lyrics, harmonies, rebellious spirit, the composition of the music and what shaped our history in Jamaican music.

The music and the message for us stand out more than their accomplishments.

We try to be creative and spend a lot of time with arrangements to express or arrangements in a unique way. However we don’t think we make music comparing ourselves to other bands. We make music base on what and how we feel. With no rules but to express the closest thing to our souls.



Our upcoming album early in 2017 will show our true sound. Then the world can see how different we are from other bands.

“We are very excited about it”

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👊🏿 Big up KRIBBEAN for the opportunity to express ourselves and encourage love, hope & peace throughout the world.

More than a place.. a way living!
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