I am extremely proud of my Caribbean roots and Creole is part of who I am, and it’s what I love.

Antonny Drew is caribbean singer-songwriter born and raised in Guadeloupe. Its music influence is coming from the Caribbean and classical music mostly, he grew up listening to a lot of local music, and also French classics and US R&B and hip hop but practicing the piano, he would also listen to Classical music on a daily basis and he still do.

“Joining Kassav on stage, it definitely marks a turn in my career.”


Le Grand Méchant Zouk ( which mean The Big Bad Zouk) is a concept by Jacob Desvarieux , one the funding member of the group Kassav’. Le Grand Méchant Zouk continues to evolve in its formula while keeping its editorial line : put together the songs who define the zouk , those from the 80´s to now. It has became over the time the biggest rendez-vous for zouk.

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