Fay- Ann is a Trinidadian Born entertainer, singer and song writer that has been in and around the Music industry from a very young age. Her Parents both were heavily involved in the Music industry. She writes her own material as well as for other Artiste. She is very involved also in the production part of most of her songs and works closely with producers.

Once the Music is being fused, mixed added etc and recognition is not given to the genre or country it originated from thats the biggest threat, then its seen by the rest of the world as a NEW sound and we who helped keep it alive and viable for years get no acknowledgement. The authenticity of any music will be questioned as long as we have young people taking up the mantle. The music I do now sounds nothing like in my fathers day, and will continue to evolve and change. Recognition for its origin is more important.

“Opportunity to expand also comes from sharing links and creating connections”

The unity people saw and continue to see is what is needed, not just for building and industry but because real things come out of real intentions. The message that we are showing, meaning both teams is that for us to have the industry we want we need the best and strongest builders. We need people that are willing to puts aside differences and make mature moves that benefit all. The fans wanted this for a while because they were split between figuring out a way to love and support the both Artiste without feeling like they were being put in a position to choose who was better…. They are different and that is what we want to show. Its ok to be different but think alike for the greater good.