If you were to use one word to describe Marcy Chin, that word would be chameleon. And not just because of her changing hair colour and overall aesthetic- Marcy Chin is the embodiment of a dynamic artist.

“The fire is everything- my evolution, my pain, my sweat, yow, everything.”


Marcy has taken her vibrant act and performed all over in Europe and South America. Namely: Chile (Valparaiso and Santiago); Argentina (Buenos Aires); Italy (Perugia, Ragusa, Catanzaro, Gallipoli, Vinadio); Slovakia (Bratislava); Germany (Wuppertal, Mannheim, Muhlheim); France (Bordeaux); Austria (Salzburg); Holland (Amsterdam); Poland (Plock); Switzerland (Geneva); UK (London); Belgium (Antwerp).

The baddest MC

Marcy Chin is the embodiment of a dynamic artist.

Her ever-changing look and sound are both innate and intentional.

“The baddest MC” describes herself as a reggae rapping MC but she doesn’t subscribe to just one label, be it deejay, singer or the popular portmanteau singjay. “I’m infinite, I am undefined. It’s ever changing and ever evolving”, she says of herself and her sound. If forced to pick one title or label, she would choose three- Entertainer, Messenger and, above all, Artist.

Encouraging fans to bounce it, mek it bunx up, shake it and twerk it, her music is just what the doctor ordered for the youth who are in need of lyrics and sound to help them express their joy, carefreeness, angst and arousal.

Marcy who has never been marketed in Jamaica is now set on a journey to introduce and cement her name in her homeland and ultimately the rest of the world..

Marcy makes music for “vibrant minds”

Press Kit

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Over 30 Million views..

Marcy is most known for the raunchy Mek It Bunx Up with DeeWunn. a song that has garnered over 30 Million views on youtube since its release in 2016 and has been a staple song for dancers worldwide to “bunx” to.

Here below some of the tracks she is set to promote :

French Horn Rebellion

Mek It Bunx Up

The Bounce ft. Ward 21

Ride (Official Video)

Modern Girl

Badest Little Filly

When Again

Pole Ninja (Official Animation)