Gaining notoriety by belting vocals for big bands throughout the Caribbean, and her pure talent and high energy performances, Nikki Brooks has rapidly become an international cultural ambassador.


I was born on St. Croix, U.S.V.I. and grew up on St. Thomas but my roots are also from Anguilla where my Grandfather on my Father’s side is from. My Mother is from Puerto Rico so I’m from all over.

We should all support each other and prosper together as one.I don’t like being put in a box. A lot of people when they hear Soca music automatically assume that it comes from specific islands known for being a mecca of the genre and artists.The truth is that we are all one Caribbean people and the genre is infused in all of our beautiful islands.

I want the world to know that not only is Soca music alive and well…but there is overwhelming talent of Soca music from artists such as myself in places like U.S.V.I and Anguilla

Going through so many obstacles as a female artist in the Caribbean. with one mission in hand, helping to get Our Music out there for the world to hear. Has been a very difficult task that I will not give up. I believe in One Caribbean! If we realize where we came from, we will know where we are going. I am Music!”

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