MY HAIR STORY by CeCile Charlton


Recording artist Ce’Cile has just launched her book: “My Hair Story. We have been delighted by her powerful presence in the music industry as she has been an important figure in the reggae- dancehall scene for over twenty years.


Ce’Cile the artist, moreover Ce’Cile the Mother of a nine-year-old daughter, shares her perspectives on one of the most sensitive features of our black history: Our Hair. However, it also introduces children from 2 to 10 to self-love and much more.

Indeed, when I first read the book, I was faced to something I was never taught when I was younger: the versatility of my hair as a black girl. — Valerie Toto


I remember being so frequently mocked for my undisciplined hair, that I ended up hating it, I even hated myself. I begged my mother to chemically relax my hair as soon as I turned 9. — Valerie Toto


My Hair Story introduces the different ways one can style and groom their hair, with vibrant illustrations. From curly to bald, locksed or even wrapped, each style is declined with the appropriate vocabulary as well as cheerful rhymes that attract children’s attention easily.

Ce’Cile hits the nail on the head when introducing not only respect but also empathy. She leads us to learn from other people’s experiences: Each of the physiques and hair types included in the book shares a story as for social integration, religious beliefs or even sickness.


It is not only about the hair texture but more about embracing our differences with goodwill and regard.

The story is then relatable to our little ones plus it deeply sprouts their minds with positivity. Beyond all misbeliefs, this book is a steppingstone to help children to broaden their horizons to something less superficial than a simple look: It introduces them to solid values, besides it speaks volumes to support them to enter the world with confidence, self-love and awareness.


Ce’Cile sets the record straight from page 3. Far from me the idea of spoiling, but I must say I found this remarkably interesting: she urges us, as parents, to “guide and teach not just by our words, but by our actions”. This tickled me very much. We often tell our mini-us to love themselves, reassuring them when they are being laughed at…

However, do we show them what is self-love daily? Are we even aware of our own self-love?

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Written by Valérie Toto for KRIBBEAN

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