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  • RELEASE DATE /March, 23 2018
  • LABEL /Natural Bridge Records

Lyric Video "CeCile Verse"

Single release

Few words

What are the ingredients to acquiring this greatness? What does all this mean when only a few get to achieve their full potential of greatness. 

Let’s talk greatness. Cecile Charlton aka Cecile is one of the greatest Reggae and Dancehall acts of the last two decades. Take note I didn’t say female act, I said act period and she has the numbers to show. Albums like “Diary of a journey”, “Jamaicanization”, “Still Running”. Hit singles like “Bad Gal Bad Man”, “Coffee”, “Nuh Stress Me Out” and so many more.

Marlon Plunket aka Kiprich is a great Dancehall  artist that has graced some of the biggest stages in the world of entertainment and performances. He’s also won the Sting clash competition three times which assures us of his ability to be a wordsmith and a die hard dancehall juggernaut. Hits like “Joe Grind’, “Smart Phone”, “Party We Say”.

Which leads me to one of my many theories. Great minds don’t always get along but they find a way to make it work and create magic. Let’s add more ingredients to this pot I’m cooking up. Natural Bridge.

Yes good old Natural Bridge Records is back in full swing. Old is when you have given the world some of the greatest  young talents to come along like Konshens, Mr Peppa and more . They created dancehall bangers like Rice & Peas Riddim. The hit single “Winner”. Gave life back to Ward 21 (who were quietly doing productions).
So now we really cooking up a pot. So much so that all these heads are under one roof. So guess the recipe is all in itself. Let the cooking begin.

Amazing reviews

After months of being absent from the dancehall and reggae music scene, CeCile and Kiprich are back with a brand new single titled “Come Back Tomorrow”.
Come Back Tomorrow was released in the second week of January 2018 and already it’s in regular rotation on local radio stations in Jamaica.The song has the 1990s feel to it and speaks to the ladies who after making love to a man he can’t resist the urge of coming back for more love.

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