kconeil love lust
  • RELEASE DATE /June, 24 2016

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Few words

K’CONEIL —Genrefluid is a concept that me and my manager came up with that truly defines my music and has evolved into a movement and a brand. We define it as “the ability to float in and out of different genres, in an attempt to create a palette of sonic perfection.” Its basically encouraging the release of artistry and the support of creativity. It’s our way of not being bogged down by stereotypes and peoples attempts to put you in boxes. These labels and boxes is a way of limiting ones. potential or creativity and hence your heights. I’m trying to promote this message in my merchandise on my websites, www.kconeilmusic.com and www.genrefluid.com Will it be the title of my first album? I doubt that, but the music will definitely be in that vein.

Amazing reviews

“Arriving as the boundaries between dancehall and pop are blurring more than ever before, K’Coneil brings a fresh new voice to the scene that’s right on time with the current moment.”

– LargeUp.com