Greetings  my name is Aza Lineage, I am the feminine balance of the Lineage Family.

Aza Lineage is from Hermitage  Kingston 7  Jamaica. She is a singer and a songwriter and very passionate about  Life and living it to the best of her abilities.

I’m very passionate about serving the mission of the Lineage family which is to make music to inspire positive change in the Youths, inspiring them to make better decisions.

“I hope for more positive outlets and more opportunities for every youths.”

My Influences

From yesterday are all the ones that stood out against injustice in all forms and  on all levels, the ones that  stood for love, all the ones that stood for the people, the ones that stood for Culture and my influences of today are all the Ones standing for the same cause working towards similar or a greater objective.


“The struggle continues, victory is sure.”


Sound System

I have a lot of favorite sound systems but if I was to single out one it would have to be King Jammy’s Super Power from Water House.

Growing up as a likkle girl in Hermitage there was a small sound system in my yard that my cousin use to own and operate, this was what created the first fascination of such a great invention and growing up in Jamaica overall where this is our culture I fell in love the first time heard and felt the Baseline and the rest is history which made way for I to pen the song “Sound System”. What I admire most about the sound system is that is a tool that can amplify positive vibes and  send vibrations across the seas and over the mountains spreading the culture like wild fire ingnighting  the world.


 “The main messages in my music is Love, awareness, insight, Culture, the youths, Abundance, positivty, Freedom from indoctrination.”

Havana Meets Kingston

Respect to all the energies that made it possible special love goes out to The Lineage Family, Birz I, Imaali. #InTheGhetto / #WhereImFrom #DubWise #HeartOfAlion

My experience being apart of the project Havana Meets Kingston by Jake Savona is a joyous one. Jake saw me and and the other members of the Lineage Family performing at weekly culture event called Dub school and invited us to be apart of the project, a couple of days later we linked up with him and he told us about the project and we proceeded. The concept was fresh, Cuban and Jamaican music combined with the music being played by legendary musicians form both countries and to top it off with some talented young artist spitting conscious lyrics.

I would share my music all over the globe with love and joy where the vibes and word Sound is needed

The works are continuous… ROOTS RADICS

I am currently promoting some singles and videos  that has been released, Africa, Plant Up The Herbs, Love alone, Reggae Show, Ghetto Love, to name a few. Recently my newest single Roots Radics was released, song and video.

“I am also currently working on a album with the Legendary King jammys himself.”


Raspect goes out to the entire KRIBBEAN team for your support, and getting I works to the people. Love and Honor for all the ones who continues to  support the Lineage Family on our journey.

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