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Following the release and success of her latest single “Glory” and what most Jamaicans would describe as faith,” We Gwaanin” as the chorus echos , ; alas a “Glory” — Remix.

The multi-genre, high impact track 💥

Glory Remix Yeza X Sizzla Out Now

Produced by Yo Christon (co-producer Dats Gadzilla — Vybz Kartel, Bounty Killer & Busy Signal) is spiced with a further tinge of vibrance and zest by none other than the legendary Miguel Collins p.k.a Sizzla. After his mind-blowing performance for Reggae Month, backed by a 35- piece orchestra, Sizzla delivers an action-packed verse exuding his usual fiery, yet righteous banter to an already explosive track sequence.

As a personal testament Yeza describes her first major collaboration for the year “it’s a dream come true to have a collaboration with the legendary King, from growing up listening to his global hits such as Solid As a Rock to Take Myself Away to now collaborating on an official track. This release serves to remind everybody that anything is possible and Yeza being a firm believer in setting good intentions, the universal powers that be will support you to do great things.


Glory Remix- Yeza ft Sizzla, is available to listen and download worldwide on all music streaming platforms here.

More than a place.. a way of living!

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