“The Caddy Club”, T&T’s first animated feature film

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Storyplay.tv Releases Song from ‘The Caddy Club’

[Port of Spain, Trinidad, April 20 2022] — The song from the movie is called ‘Show Off”, and it features Trinidad and Tobago’s own Osei Blake, Selena St. Vincent, Leisha Imani, Sloan De Leon, and Jarlon George, who voice the roles of kid superheroes in ‘The Caddy Club’ movie.

“Storytelling is our superpower. We want Caribbean families like ours to see themselves on screen, and we’re committed to developing series and movie projects with impact in mind.” _Story Play

Osei Blake joins the production on the heels of starring in numerous stage plays. Selena St. Vincent brings multiple achievements in storytelling and drama to the table. Leisha Imani made her screen debut on storyplay.tv in ‘Boss Lady Homeschool’. Sloan De Leon is a veteran of the Junior Calypso Monarch competition and is a trained instrumentalist with a reputation for being an eye-catching per- former. Jarlon George has performed for Junior Best Village, Best Village, stage plays and the small screen.

‘Caddy Club’ Cast members

‘Caddy Club’ writer-director-producer and ‘Show Off’ songwriter Kafi Kareem collaborated with J-Lava to produce the track for the movie.


Visit storyplay.tv online to listen to ‘Show Off’ and pre-order ‘The Caddy Club’ to register your interest in watching the animated movie when it comes out.

The Caddy Club

For more information visit storyplaymedia.com/caddyclub

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