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My family use to laugh at the songs I wrote and sang as a 6 year old. Today all of them are proud to see how far I have come as a songwriter and singer respectively. They’ve always been there to encourage me to continue to be the best I can.

My father’s legacy means the world to me.

I am fully aware of the weight the name Romeo carries. I believe I along with my brother and sisters are capable of carrying on his legacy.

“I Am A Reggae Royalty”


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A mans greatest joy is to watch his kids follow into his foot steps, by choice that is.. #maxromeo #rominal @youngromeos

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“A man greatest joy is to watch is kids follow into his foot steps, by choice that is.. #rominal“ -Max Romeo

Age Of Truth

Age Of Truth speaks about the truth of the matters we face today. The reason and the ultimate resolution. “Fighting for commodity while they gain power. The rich benefits while the poor man suffer. But when the day comes and the tables turn. The walls of Babylon will surely burn. “For all the wrong doing there will be a consequence.”

The most uplifting would have to be the way how music can brake down barriers and unite people. My father always say music is a universal language and I’ve witnessed this at the age of 13 while touring-Seeing him as the artiste Max Romeo in his element. This was my first time being exposed to roots reggae music at an international level.The most rewarding, when you’ve just step out of the vocal booth, press play and the song sounds exactly how you imagine it would. In my opinion, the less interesting thing is image.

It is not about how you look, it’s about how you sound.

Roots Reggae, Modern Reggae and Dancehall

They are all apart of one culture, the Jamaican culture. As you may know my father is a roots reggae icon and I am a huge fan of his ever-growing catalogue. His music played a vital role in my development, it continues to do so.

The Progeny Mixtape

This may be the reason I have a special love for roots reggae. Currently, my first ever mixtape “The Progeny” is about to take the airwaves for my fans who have been loyal and patient towards my music.

But on my upcoming debut album which is coming out next year summer 2019 you will hear a more versatile side of Azizzi Romeo. It is still in the mixing lab and it is sounding greater day by day. I am really optimistic about this because I basically did all the important work in production.

I write my songs. I produce them, and I’ve recently started to mix them myself. I believe in talent over hype. When you listen my music it gives you a conscious meditation with a blend of melodies. My biggest strength is social commentary and heartbreak songs.

“It’s my choice (…) I grow my dread (…) the Rastafari way…”

Being affiliated with Rastafari is perceived as unattractive, nasty and demonic by many classist individuals in this society. Grow My Dread was my expression on this matter and a declaration that I am proud and bound to be a Rastaman.

– As a young artist in the business, do you have dreams?

At this point in my life I am making a dream a day to day reality. Which is to be recording a song everyday. Sometimes even two or more. Music can never be too much. I’m a producer as well so I would love to work with other musicians and artiste as time past. There are a lot of dreams going through my head, some are personal.

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Azizzi Romeo

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