I am a singer, songwriter with some acting aspirations. I enjoy the entire creative process of the entertainment industry and take pride in being involved in the full process. This includes writing, recording, and performing my creations.


K’CONEIL —Genrefluid is a concept that me and my manager came up with that truly defines my music and has evolved into a movement and a brand. We define it as “the ability to float in and out of different genres, in an attempt to create a palette of sonic perfection.” Its basically encouraging the release of artistry and the support of creativity. It’s our way of not being bogged down by stereotypes and peoples attempts to put you in boxes. These labels and boxes is a way of limiting ones. potential or creativity and hence your heights. I’m trying to promote this message in my merchandise on my websites, www.kconeilmusic.com and www.genrefluid.com Will it be the title of my first album? I doubt that, but the music will definitely be in that vein.



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K’CONEIL — I’ve had so many notable moments in my short career thus far. My Lovelust EP debuting at number 20 on the Billboard Reggae chart and number 10 on iTunes reggae charts is by far my biggest achievement to date. I have being blessed with several number one rankings for different songs off the EP but none top those two achievements for me.


K’CONEIL — I grew up in a singing household where we went to church every week and I started singing there. Gospel music was instrumental in teaching me how to sing with soul and to connect from the heart. There’s nothing like singing to and for a higher power that you cant see but believe in. I take that same approach in my delivery and try to convert my audience into believers by using lyrics, melodies, and tones to touch their hearts.

Outside of the church, I was and am still a big fan of Soul and RnB music ; So guys like R Kelly, Babyface, Brian McKnight captivated me early with their writing and singing styles. SInging their songs at an early age really helped me to develop my early admirers and helped me in the girlfriend department, too.

“I fell in love with that sound”

Beres Hammond is also another one of my influences, for his tone and command of his lower registry that pushed me to experiment with and try to develop mine. .Beenie man, may be my all time favorite artist because of his ability to masterfully handle any audience during a performance.


Mainstream could compare you to Usher, Kranium, OMI…but you probably don’t like to be put in a box so tell me about your secret sauce..

K’CONEIL — Comparisons in this business are inevitable, fortunately these comparisons put me in good company as these are all artists I actually like and respect and are successful in their own right. It means my music is probably being received favorably and for that I’m grateful. However, I would like to think that I have developed my own “Genrefluid” sound in which I blend different types of genres together to create my own sound.

“Unfortunately I can’t tell you the sauce… as you stated it is secret so I want to keep it that way lol.”


My fan base is growing daily in the US as well as Jamaica and the greater Caribbean. The island boy in me will always be in my music and adds a lot of the spice in that secret sauce that you mentioned earlier. That element I hope will make me endearing to my Caribbean fans and as I continue to release more music, I look forward to bringing my performances to these Island shores and convert the lovely people into fans.


Tell us more about your song and video with Kreesha Turner? How you met and how it happened?

K’CONEIL — I met Kreesha Turner a couple years ago when we performed on New York’s Radio Station Hot 97 On The Reggae and Soca Tip show and we basically kept in contact ever since. Due to our schedules we never got the chance to work on any music. However, when I recorded this track. “Love How You Whine” the producer Troyton Remi made the suggestion to add a female to the record and Kreesha instantly came to mind. We sent it to Kreesha and she didn’t hesitate to say yes. Kreesha flew to NY the following week and we got in the studio and knocked it out in one night and the rest is history. The song is really about appreciating the cultural gyration of our women that we call ..Whining and how this phenom impresses itself on men worldwide. Its an art that I feel compelled to highlight and encourage, if you know what I mean (sic).

F.W.I & I

Have you ever visited or played in the French West Indies, Martinique, Guadeloupe, St Martin, French Guina to name a few? Could it happen?

K’CONEIL — Unfortunately I haven’t but I am definitely looking forward to it in the near future. I hear French is the language of love so I’m anxious to bring the Love/Lust experience to these shores. Promoters feel free to reach out at www.kconeilmusic.com.

I actually don’t know any French Caribbean artist personally but I’ve heard some of Sweet Mickey’s stuff. but I will go look up some after this interview and get familiar :).

“I embrace the opportunity for a feature with any artist that I think is dope and if it make sense and the song is a winner im all in!!”

RNB, Reggae, Dancehall.. Soca or Zouk soon? 😁 Any preference?

K’CONEIL — To be honest I feel comfortable in all genres but the one I am least comfortable in would be soca. My preference is rnb soul music as that’s music from the heart but I definitely enjoy all and is not one to shy away from a challenge…so Machel and Bunji lets talk, lol.

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“KRIBBEAN big up and keep pushing the culture!!

Much Love.”

More than a place. a way of living!