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DAN Evens
My name is DAN EVENS also known as DJ DAN. I produce music, host parties and also entertain the people.

Dan Evens aka DJ DAN has been DJing for over 20 years. He started with Dancehall parties in his hometown of “VOLGA PLAGE” in Martinique and he has been hooked ever since !

“ Naturally with experience you gain more knowledge and I have come a long way ”


_Tell us more about the story behind the hit « SPLASH ». Did you expect this smash ?

I did not expect this. The feedback was crazy! I remember sending this beat to Travis, he added his touch and put everything together then BOOM- Fire. We are on the same page musically, I am his biggest fan.


“ I am open to working with creatives, artist who think out of the box ”


_You worked on I-Octane’s « Moods » album, right? How did this happen and what was your input ?

First, I want to shout out my friend ZJ SPARKS, a Dj and music producer from Jamaica. I have been working with her for a few years on different projects with Spice, Ding Dong, Mr Killa, Teejay etc …

I came up with this beat that I sent her and she made it happen .

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..2022 🔥

Dan Evens Kribbean
DAN EVENS — by Carmello Sempai

_How are you dealing with the sanitary crisis as a DJ with all shows that have been canceled since last year ?

It’s hard but when life gives you lemons, make cocktails !! lol I have been so productive during this crisis. We have to take advantage of any situation.



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I always have new things cooking up, but you can just follow me on Instagram to stay up to date !

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Just being able to work with people that I would never imagine and to have the opportunity to work on my craft everyday is a blessing the my best achievement.

Dan Evens is still going upwards with endless possibilities! No doubt that in 2022 we will see him “drink water and mind his business”

to be continued..

“ KRIBBEAN makes me connect with a part of every island in the Caribbean and you guys are dope ! ” — Dan Evens

More than a place.. a way of living!

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