3rd single from Luciano´s new album

This 3rd single from Luciano´s new album “The Answer “ is living proof that 2020 may be another seminal year in the veteran´s musical career.


Use Jah Words, produced by Oneness Records, features emerging artist Runkus. Luciano’s deep, rounded upper baritone and effortlessly smooth intonation stands in harmonious contrast with Runkus’ rapid, yet exceptional enunciation, and delicate tenor. The narrative is likely to resonate with the Roots Reggae-loving audience worldwide, as it reinforces the resonance of word, power, and sound.



The track dives straight into the genre from the off. The arrangement on Use Jah Words is pointed. In the track’s first few breaths, all the instrumentation comes in together. The bass is on a syncopated Rocksteady riff, intentionally missing the first beat of the bar. This accentuates the keys, on the traditional, offbeat bubble rhythm device. They in turn feed into the one drop, with the kick pushing the upbeats. Cumulatively, all these embed that authentic Roots sound.


But the additional scoring is also fascinating. The sharp, purposeful horns stab in and out, offering a response to Luciano’s and Runkus’s calls. A melodica inserts some traditionality. Added reverb brings some Dub into the equation, as does a distorted vocal sample. And the use of breaks, stripping the instrumentation back to just the keys, makes the full scoring even more powerful.

Use Jah Words credits: Composed by M.v.Korff, Lyrics by J. McClymont and Romario Bennett Drums|Markus Hendler. Bass/Keys/Percussion |Moritz “DaBaron“ v.Korff. Keys |Markus Hendler Guitars|Ulinjah Sax |Hannes “Al Caphorn“ Herrmann. Trumpet | Stefan Heller. Mixed and mastered by Umberto Echo • Produced by Moritz v.Korff Umberto Echo and Benjamin Zecher. P+C Oneness Records 2020


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