“ I’m of royalty and I make no apology ”

The boom sound by Kenya Eugene which also features her big sister, Roots Reggae Empress Dezarie. Kenya follows in her sister’s footsteps by showcasing the best family traits, a dynamic and amazing voice with profound songwriting and heartical vibes through and through. For Kenya, it’s all about coming from the heart, in a manner of truth, reality and humanity. Along with what she calls her “Heart Music,” Kenya’s first foray into the Roots Reggae world was only proper by doing it with Dezarie.

This collaboration has been a long time coming as the sisters have always wanted to work together. They were especially careful not to put anything out hastily.


The time, message, and the vibe had to be right and so it is.


INNER LIGHT — KenyaEugene Ft. Dezarie

“Inner Light” is a musical reflection of life’s full experiences. Against the track produced by Bambu Station’s Andy Llanos, the synergy of the music and vocals merge together in a transient manner that will have listeners reflecting as they play it over and over again. There is another Empress stepping to the fore to dismantle chaos, exercise compassion and unite people from the heart to their expressions.

Come into the “Inner Light” — Kenya Eugene

Kenya Eugene

Now available on all digital platforms, kenyaheartmusic.com and houseofbambu.com

More than a place.. a way of living!

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