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Riding high on the support, love, & enthusiasm surrounding his previous single “Ketch Di Pree” released in May 2020 — the Jamaican sensation is already back in full-effect, with a coming dose of colorful, celebratory songs & straight-up irresistible vibes flowing throughout smooth sound, style, and swagger of Wavy Jones’ Sine Energy EP.

6 Collaborative cuts that shine a bright light on the incredible talent found in the island 🇯🇲

EP will go live on September 11, 2020 on all platforms

Track-after-track, Wavy Jones lights up speakers from the lefts to the rights with a fantastic display of the true spirit of Jamaica through the vibrant diversity on the Sine Energy EP.

Leno Banton, Mila Akilah, Wavy Jones, Ramia, Kione Zaire

From immaculately smooth, memorable, and melodic hooks, to the stunning energy & pure passion that Wavy adds to every moment of his brand-new record — he’s ensured excellence all-around by taking on crucial roles as the main star in the spotlight, and also the executive producer behind the studio boards.



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In a radiant array of versatility that blends R&B, Hip-Hop, & Dancehall into a spectacular fusion of his own hybrid design — Wavy immediately turns good times into great ones.

Wavy Jones — Photo : Lebosslynch

Wavy is about to take over the charts & playlists all around the globe in 2020 with the release of his new EP. Stoked to share in the excitement with each & every one of YOU listening from all over the world

Join Wavy Jones this year as he climbs to the top!


More than a place.. a way of living!

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