I touch a little of everything. I love composing melodies and arranging and I do write and play the Drums.”

Arita has been singing professionally for a little over a year, but really all her life. As a young girl, she entered Calypso competitions when she was attending secondary school and would always participate in any activity once creativity was involved. So she was always really preparing to Sing.

“I am proud of every single one of my accomplishments”

“I mean the mere fact that you accomplish something is a blessing”

She has five singles released, an album on the way, numerous live performances lined-up and the sky truly seems like its not the limit, so she truly have so much to be grateful for.

“Recently, however, I was privileged to perform at a BET Networks event called “Leading Women Defined”, where I met movers and shakers in the industry and the CEO of BET, Ms. Debra Lee — that was very, very exciting and a truly proud achievement”

“TEMPO Is A Need In My Journey”


Her main writer is her manager, Mr. Frederick A. Morton, Jr. who is also the Founder, Chairman & CEO of TEMPO Networks, the leading television network and media Company in the Caribbean. He is also the Founder of the label that she is signed to, TEMPO Records, a subsidiary of the Network.

“We also work with other writers who are able to capture the Caribbean International vibe that inspires me”


“Being signed to TEMPO Records means a lot to me. As an artiste we need to understand that it is much more than talent or talent is not enough. My manager taught me this from day one and as we continue on this journey I realize it more and more. A manager and a team is very important to our career development — the creative side and the business side of the industry, while related, are two totally different categories.”


TEMPO Networks in itself being the leading television Network and media Company for the Caribbean Music allows me a platform to expose my music in a very significant way. My music videos has been aired on the Network and has brought a lot of attention to me as an artistem like it has for so many before me. I am also a host on the Network which allows supporters to see another side of me that I think they appreciate. TEMPO is a need in my journey.”


Life, everyday we wake up knowing that we have a purpose to fulfill, when God decided to place us on this earth, he sent me to complete a job. This is to influence others with my music and through me as a person. The Good Lord is my main influence. Personally, I also have role models in my life that I am very grateful for that influence my thinking and approach to life, family and my own personal development.

“The Good Lord Is My Main Influence”

My musical influences are the greats, Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Nina Simone, Whitney Houston, etc. I am also influenced by the younger talent of Bruno Mars, Rihanna, Beyonce, etc

The soul of my music gravitates to generating a similar feeling. I am currently developing a sound that is mixed with that soul or blues vibes, but clearly Caribbean influenced.

Caribbean Music is my foundation particularly Calypso & Reggae Music, so I’m determined to make certain to make music for the international audience while continuing to bring forward the awesome sound of the Caribbean.

So, I am really an Artist that is not bound to any one genre, but in love with the sound of my heritage, while developing that sound that incorporates our super-compelling vibe, but touches everyone internationally.


Soca is the Foundation, but Trinbagonian’s love music generally.

Once the beat, lyrics and vibe content connect with the audience, even the most passionate soca-lover will feel it. I’m not a reggae singer, per se, although I LOVE the genre, so coming from the land of Soca has not really been an issue. My intent is to make great music that people will appreciate and be inspired. Indeed, Trinidad does have a number of very talented reggae artistes, which shows that the culture is really one of music-lovers — Thankfully, my music has been well-received at home and is beginning to reach many different parts of the world and I am truly grateful for that.


“CRISIS” with Queen Ifrica

“I just released a collaboration with the great Queen Ifrica, a song called “Crisis” and it was amazing to collaborate on such a compelling track with this Artist that has been so influential as a female Caribbean Act”

I wish to travel the world with my music, with the opportunity to inspire persons from many cultures and backgrounds — with God’s grace, every Continent!

Collaborations are awesome & I look forward to many others — John Legend would be awesome!!


I am preparing my first Album scheduled to be released in the summer and I’m told it’s a Monster from persons who had the privilege to listen to it — (smile).

“Very Excited! Please keep it locked!!”

My new video for my song “Everything” is about to drop this week and I’m super-excited for that as well — it’s a beauty! It was shot in my home town of Chatham and exposes all of the beautiful images that make up my home. It was Produced and co-directed by Manager and shot by a group of extraordinarily talented Trinidadian videographers and cinematographers from Forward Focus Media Group. Keep it locked for that video and several others on the horizon.

Stream & Download HERE

And, with regard to Live Performances, I performed on the Tobago Jazz Experience and then heading to Suriname —

“Super-excited to perform in that great Country and to take in it’s amazing culture”


“KRIBBEAN to the World!”

Congratulations on the job you are doing and the great contribution you are making to expose our amazing culture.


I ask you to continue because the Caribbean need as much support as we can working together to make our culture, heritage and history known to the world.

Please continue. And, thank you so very much for the feature. I am humbled.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud

“ I can’t wait to make it over to Martinique!”

More than a place.. a way of living!
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