“Rastafari is my inspiration”

Jah Defender, born Ricardo Mills has been in the music industry 8 years and his greatest achievement this far is:

“My mother who grew me as a single parent is my major influence into music..”


“I’ll recommend to listen Warrior… this is a personal favourite due to lifes experiences”

Trinidad is the island of soca but there are Rastafarians and concious people that live here who don’t partake in carnival because its post slavery “culture”scandalous and sexual in nature…this is not Black culture.

“My passion is getting my brothers and sisters to open their mind to their factual history and truth!”

As a Rastafarian and reggae artiste in a society that based its “culture” on slackness and profit it’s only natural that any reggae artiste would have to work overtime to gain any recognition and respect in this big world.

With persistence, diligence, patience & of course militance what is to be will be!!!


Martinique is wonderful island with blessed people who have a rich history and a struggle that the world should know,just my opinion…it is like my second home. Raspect to Don Shorty, High Woulers Band, Jo Blak ( NVZ films), First Riddim productions & Rise Up Sounds!!!

It was a pleasure performing on many occasions for my brothers and sisters in the black diaspora…I have two videos released that were filmed there and more to come check them out on YouTube “Keep This Love” from the Ep Things in Time and “Everytime I Rise” From my first album Rastaman Rise

RISE UP SOUND Freestyle with Jah Defender (cover) & RASTAMAN RISE (album cover)

RASTAMAN RISE Stream & Download HERE



“Everywhere there is good people I will sing… 4 corners of the earth once Jah permits…festivals..concerts…wherever Jah lead I man follow…”

Also look out for the Harmonious Riddim Release with my song Mama…it’s a massive Riddim with some powerful artistes…Capleton, Kabaka Pyramid and more…stay tuned to Jah Defender…lots of music in store!!!

I have collaborated with Chuck Fender, Pressure Busspipe and Fantan Mojah…to work with any positive artiste would be a blessing…

“MAMA” — Harmonious Riddim


Making a choice of one is not simple but first coming to my mind is Luciano & Akae Beka.

Vaughn Benjamin the Akae Beka (pic by Rashad Martinez) & Luciano (pic by Foto Luca Valenta)

Righteous Livity and Love…Equal Rights & Justice and Rebellious Spirit for a cause!

I do give thanks to the KRIBBEAN team for this blessed moment to highlight my music and may Jah continue to guide and bless you and all fans of good reggae music…let’s unite as one and only then can we attain betterment as a people who once ruled the entire earth.

Know your history…remember what our ancestors endured for us to be here now…don’t be ignorant and ungrateful….

God is love, Let Us all Love!

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More than a place.. a way of living!
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