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Brun’s Artist Takeover Mode Shines A Spotlight On Haitian Music’s Global Influence While Raising Awareness About The Country’s Humanitarian Issues

Haitian artist and producer Michael Brun is taking over Pandora’s One Caribbean station. Brun’s Artist Takeover Mode spotlights his favorite Caribbean music and its global influence. Brun — who has worked with and produced music for J Balvin, Major Lazer/Diplo, Mr Eazi, Arcade Fire and more — is passionate and vocal about supporting humanitarian causes in his home country of Haiti, and he hopes to raise awareness around these issues with his Artist Takeover Mode.

Listen to Michael Brun’s Artist Takeover Mode on Pandora’s One Caribbean here


“I think a lot of people might not know the history of Haitian music and its importance to the development of genres across the entire western Hemisphere… across Black culture, African American culture, but also the rest of the Caribbean,” says Brun.

“If I were to describe Haiti to someone who’s never been there, I would say… it’s grounded, rooted. It’s a combination of many cultures across hundreds of years that made it what it is today.”


Pandora Artist Takeover Modes live on the platform’s top stations and feature the biggest names in music across Pandora’s most popular genres. Artist Takeovers feature music handpicked by the artist including a mix of their own songs and personal favorites from other artists, with special audio commentary describing their selections and what they mean to them.

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Listen to Michael Brun’s Artist Takeover Mode on Pandora’s One Caribbean here

More than a place.. a way of living!

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