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Samora is a Reggae artist from Suriname based in Europe that loves to combine Reggae and Dancehall with different Pop genres and Afrobeats.

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“It has never been easy in this business…. But I am made for this. With every difficult situation there was space to grow, every emotion creates a new inspiration for songs. If I believe in my worth, others will, it’s just a matter of time!”



Samora : Well I have too many influences, especially when it comes to artists, there are too many to name… But besides from that, I love enjoying life, I love the small moments, the people around me and the Female Reggae scene is what drives me. I am not alone in this. And this is also what reflects in my music and art.

“I write my own songs, sometimes I have some inputs on the instrumentals. But I mainly focus on the lyrics and the final production”




Being part of The Reggae Divas line up was definitely lit, because I truly feel like a diva and the name of the event represents who I am. It felt like a perfect fit and it was a great opportunity to also get introduced to the Reggae community in Canada. The virtual part was great, but I am looking forwards doing this with more live audience in the future.


Shows in Switzerland are always charging me up, because I feel so much love from the audience. I am also humble and thankful I was able to proceed my tour in Switzerland. It took my mind off the COVID situation and I was able to have a better focus on my music.


“The audience at my live shows loves it!”

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HOME AGAIN — Brother Culture & Samora

Samora : I know Brother Culture from earlier collaborations with third parties who introduced us for their project. But with «Home Again» we were able to make it our own project, so the process was different and more personal and I’d say also more successful. My team in Switzerland had this very special old school riddim and I thought it would be a perfect fit to do another collaboration with Brother Culture on this. So we decided to go ahead and wrote on the track! And I think the result is a really funny and uplifting tune.


Samora : I will have a couple of shows in Switzerland and then the focus will be on the ALBUM RELEASE! But until then there will be a couple more releases and collaborations with producers and artists from all around the world! So yes, I am excited about that and really looking forward sharing the details very soon with the fans.

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Samora : And I wish we all grow more together as one as the COVID situation has divided a lot of people. So, I hope the pandemic is going to end soon and we can go back to a — new — normal. Stay healthy and stay safe, people.



Suriname is a country in the Caribbean, in the tropical zone, so 365 days a year, it is summer. It’s the only country in South America in which people speak Dutch and not Spanish or Brazilian Portuguese. It’s a country with warm people and lots of food. Food is important as it brings the people there together a lot. You will find the real jungle with the scariest snakes. You will see that there is not only one traditional dish, but multiple traditional dishes from all ethnical groups. So, it is definitely a country everyone should visit!

“I wish my country a better economy and a real leader that could help this country out of debt the previous leaders created…”

Samora : I think every platform that shows and promotes Caribbean culture is a good thing and brings more awareness for the achievements people from the Caribbean bring to the world.


A lot of talents are underestimated and that’s why I am thankful there are platforms like KRIBBEAN which are helping «spread the word»!

More than a place.. a way of living!
More than a place.. a way of living!

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