Because of the many different cultures I have gotten to experience, even now. Learning what kinds of sounds the people of each land gravitate to is simply why my music is a fusion of different genres. I do not have a preference.

“I Love It That Way!”

The very first time i realized that I could get the people to move to the sound of my voice and the music…

..It was a moment of utter elation.


We found a way to make it happen meanwhile we worked hard to prove that we were worth given the shot.


Get It In | Buy On iTunes


I Need You | Buy On iTunes

My team continues to expand and I truly am glad to have each on board. We aren’t all in one place but they inspire and motivate me each day.

“I Am Thankful for ALL”


I have already embarked on the path towards achieving my ultimate goal, i.e music and performances.

I GOT IT is the 4th single released by the singer during the year of 2016.

It is an uptempo, modern dancehall track with a hint of Americam pop.| Buy On iTunes

Produced by Richie Loop of Small-Box records in Jamaica.

I HAD ENOUGH by Troyton Music | Buy on iTunes


Although I am proud of my land of birth, I do make mention of the places that I live in or have lived.

They are apart of my story & growth



I’ve recently had the chance to collaborate on a track produced by a producer who hails from Costa Rica. On that track I recorded part of the verse in Spanish. I look forward to more of that and to one day be able to record an entire verse in Spanish but..

I do not already know what kind the next will be!

I purely love music and I love the challenge of undertaking new projects when the opportunity is presented to me.

“I’m a genuine pleasant soul. I am not dull and vacuous nor superficial [no wait, I can be a tad superficial at times, I believe! But aren’t we all?! Lol], there is however, a lot of depth to my character.”

I love others & am not far up my own a$$.

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Thanks all. 😘

More than a place.. a way of living!
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