I have my own company named ‘”SAFETY PROMO” whose mission is to promote the Haitian’s culture and gives news of everything happening around the world and connecting you to Haitian music.


Our goals is to sell Haitian’s culture ,we bring invaluable home to artists because before us, there was no enterprise that aims to promote an Haitian artist on social network which is currently something very important for Haiti’s music.


“The project I am proud of is SAFETY PROMO’s compilation and with it, I touched a great public”

It’s advantage is to help the Haitian people discover young artists who have got talent but no popular names yet. The task is to put in the light the new young artist and post to provide people with a new source of entertainment.

“Work in progress for the Volume 4”


SAFETY PROMO is not working with Wesli only, Jah Nissi. I am working with several legends of Haitian music like “ Freedom, Belo, Boukman Eksperyans ” I’m also working with some artist who are promoting the Haitian’s culture internationally like Paul Beaubrun, Ted Beaubrun, Voxsambou, Jakobo and I also support some talented artists like Rutshelle, Mandela, Florwing, Trouble Boy and more.

“Our business is open to everyone”

It is not easy to choose an artist because some artist make it first, others take longer, The important is to seal promotion deals like we are doing and it will not bother those who follow us from day one, no matter what kind of new artists we chose to endorse. I am sensitive to this state of mind as to give a chance to everybody.

For now we are working on albums of Freedom & Atis Mandela for this year.


“We don’t really have people to invest in music. Now we need international labels, because we have many talented artists, great groups, and great musicians in Haiti”

The World recognized Haitian’s music when we have an artist like Belo award RFI ,J.perry who were participating in the Brasilia’s carnival as well as Wesli Louissaint with SOCCAN price and Jean Jean Roosevelt ,Tabou Combo, Boukman Eksperyans entirely dominating the Caribbean scene. Many groups and solo artists participating in the biggest international events.

“I want to tell the youth to follow me & to use the Internet the right way, because technology can help us to succeed in our life if used wisely. We have several people assisting us in this field and we will continue to learn and grow for the benefit of Haitian culture.”

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“I love Haiti, I love the Caribbean”

“Thanks to KRIBBEAN and thanks to those who never stop liking, sharing, commenting and thanks to my staff…”

More than a place.. a way of living!
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