International Dancehall artiste and Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star, Spice has once again tapped into her creative intellect with the release of her new single and video “Rolling”.


The “So Mi Like It” artiste released the single and video on her official Vevo channel on February 7.

Drawing her inspiration from the 1920s/ 1930s Jazz, folk, blues, and 1980’s pop, she performs and fuses the most captivating and exhilarating performance styles from those eras. She kicks off the video with her best impersonation of a leading female jazz performer before jumping into the Dancehall aspect of the video.

Throughout the video, various dance scenes take place with her Team Spice Dancers, Dancing Rebel, TC and Pretty Pretty clad in different fits that showcases an interesting 80’s vibe, and the early 21st-century dance styles were used to depict variety and creativity.

Shot and directed by Xtreme Arts, “Rolling” has managed to amass over 2,000,000 views across social media platforms within two weeks after its debut, making it one of the hottest records in February.


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The beat for “Rolling” was arranged by Melio Sounds and produced by British Linkz of New York who also runs one of the leading Caribbean online blogs in NYC and the tri-state.


Spice also became the first-ever Caribbean Female artiste to receive Harvard University Honors for excellence in Dancehall and Reggae music.

She is also scheduled to be officially crowned as ‘The Queen of Dancehall’, at the 2020 staging of the prestigious Reggae Sumfest Music Festival held in Montego-Bay St James from July 12–18.

“ ‘Rolling’ has met and then exceeded all my expectations thus far and it’s still a very premature release, numbers don’t lie.” Romario of British Linz

Romario — British Linkz CEO


Romario further added:

“Spice is arguably one of the greatest creatives of her time, I don’t see anyone more deserving of all the accolades she’s been given from her debut to this very day, she strives for excellence in every aspect of her life and I am truly grateful to have witnessed her from a first-hand experience.”

More than a place.. a way of living!

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