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Julian Marley, Warrior King, Mr.Vegas and Spragga Benz Join Rappers TooShort, Jadakiss, Lil Jon & more for “The World’s Largest Virtual Sesh” 4.20.2020

To most of the world, Jamaica has always been synonymous with reggae music or marijuana. Although both have deep roots planted in the beautiful island, the global legal marijuana market size is expected to reach USD 73.6 billion by 2027, according to a new report.

Green Holdings Group plans to unite the cannabis community with “The World’s Largest Virtual Sesh” on INSTAGRAM LIVE, and provide a platform for cathartic release for all viewers who may be experiencing isolation and hopelessness during the COVID-19 pandemic. Viewers will have the opportunity to interact with their favs and join the conversation with famed cannabis entrepreneurs, entertainers, hip-hop and reggae artists. With Host Too $hort of cannabis brand Too $hort Stix and celebrity guests Jadakiss, Julian Marley, Warrior King, Lil Jon, Mr. Vegas, Tommy Chong, Yukmouth of The Luniz, Safaree Samuels, Spragga Benz, Krayzie Bone of Bone Thugs n Harmony, Loomis, Bino Rideaux, Big Mike of the Geto Boys, Mike Jones, J-Ro of Tha Alkoholiks, Josh Kesselman of RAW Papers, Madzilla, Adam Ill, Jerry K, Angela Mazzanti, E-Zone of B-RealTV, Wonderbrett, M-80, BJ King plus first ever live broadcast by internet news channel The Blacklist.Xyz and surprise guests.

Julian Marley

It’s a great thing to be a part of, especially as Rasta. It’s something that we see as natural to be a part of, and also to teach the people that it’s a spiritual connection, not just make it free up because it’s good for the people, or good for your pocket. It’s different from alcohol. It’s a spiritual strengthening agent with a whole heap of benefits. Yes, even the doctors are telling us now. And we were telling them then! Full circle. Is a greatness to see the education finally coming out about this plant.” — Julian Marley

The Cannabis community reveres April 20th as a sacred time to appreciate the cannabis plant in all its versatility. Most times 420 is celebrated with vibrant, high energy festivals where people indulge in everything cannabis, and commune with like minded enthusiasts. Advancement in legislation and science has unveiled the endless benefits cannabis provides to our global society, and has given individuals the opportunity to highlight just how beneficial and necessary cannabis truly is to us all.

Warrior King

Cannabis is a sacramental spiritual and medicinal vibe. Yes I use it recreationally to hold a vibe and a reasoning with my Queen or my brethrens and sistrens, but as a Rastafarian, herb is sacramental” — Warrior King

“Marijuana is a herb! It is an essential part of our spiritual growth.” — Mr Vegas

With recent legalization, cannabis has become more widely accepted in the mainstream, and 2020 was projected to boast some of the most epic 420 celebrations in cannabis history.

COVID-19 has seemingly swept through our society like a thief in the night, and completely changed the way we engage and interact with one another. Green Holdings Group, a family owned, Southern California cannabis marketing and event company, (along with ELF Golf, The Roll Up Show, Smoke Run Deliveries) and bay area rap legend Too $hort, have banded together to #SAVE420 by hosting a live, no-contact celebration that will offer a variety of high energy entertainment and much needed laughter, while immersing the viewer with the traditional 420 festival vibe, all accessible from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

This “virtual sesh” will originate from Too $hort’s instagram platform (@Tooshort) and will last for nearly two hours [ streaming simultaneously from his TWITTER, FACEBOOK, and YOUTUBE platforms]. Other celebrities have galvanized around the #SAVE420 initiative to develop an all star roster of musicians, entertainers, entrepreneurs, medical professionals and community leaders that will share advice for people that seek to thrive during the quarantine — all while enjoying the rotation of concert style performances from world renowned musical guests.

Freddy Sayegh

“During times of trial, the substance of who we are becomes more evident. The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed who we really are to one another- a global family. We can all do a little more to love those around us, and lend our hearts and hands to our larger community during this time,” said Green Holdings Group CEO Freddy Sayegh when asked about COVID-19.

4.20.2020 is the starting point for technology based events and engagement for Green Holdings Group, its brands, and partners. As we adapt to social distancing, and find more ways to interact, now more than ever is the perfect time to come together [in spirit] and promote a message of positivity and hopefulness- while sharing pertinent information that can help us all cope during this time of duress.

Tune into “The Largest Virtual 420 Shesh” 4/20/2020 at 4PM PST to experience the cannabis entertainment extravaganza live on instagram [@Tooshort] ! Follow @greenholdingsgroup and @whatsmyfavoritejoint to stay up to date regarding this live event, and others like it to come beyond 4.20

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More than a place.. a way of living!

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