Andre Chavanie McCormack, Is a Jamaican born singer who artistically is known for his Dancehall, Reggae and International fusion and being an advocate for positive and inspirational music. D’yani is a comical and jovial individual, with a big heart for everyone, but most importantly women, as his love for his mother made him appreciate women more, growing up in a single parent household. He performed at various events, festivals and concerts with the song being most noted for as ‘lovers go’ at the time.

Influenced by fellow artist and friend Eva Hype, to come to the studio, it was at that point, the shift from hobby to serious interest became obvious.

During his period of college, he then became even more engulfed in the art of music, writing and performing and his writing developed into a unique blend, which fuses catchy melodies, witty lyrics and situational concepts to convey his personal experiences.


The song was inspired by life essentially, and how fickle it is! With that being said I wrote it with the intention of inspiring people to appreciate life and the people most important to them regardless of the circumstances because life is short and death comes fast.

My inspiration for my writing comes from everyday experiences, so essentially I am inspired by life itself. My personal experiences as well just the vibe at the time.

🙏🏿 It was also in Memory of the Producer’s son Okeem Waid.


My musical influences are very wide, it ranges from Micheal Jackson, The Beatles, Freddie Mercury, Dennis Brown, Barrington Levy, Bob Marley and onwards. With regards to today’s musical influences the range is just as wide, from the Weeknd, Miguel, Drake, Mavado, Kartel, Aidonia and onwards.

How digital communication and marketing is important for you and your team and how useful it is for your music?

Digital communication and marketing is very important for my team and I as we’ve seen first hand the reach it has especially for an upcoming artist as myself.

The shares, the reposting and endorsing has also done a lot for me.



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I am a new artist so I am looking forward to working with the best in the industry, spanning from the great pair of Sly & Robbie, Steely And Clevie as well as younger producers such as Mari the Producer, Fuze, Kevstar Rec, Steven ‘The Genius’ and more.

However I have a lot of singles being prepared for release, as well as visuals to go with them. So my supporters can look forward to that.


More than a place.. a way of living!

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