“Paille, It’s just me. You can not entertain people continually if you play a role…”

Paille touched his first mic when he was twelve but he decided to involve himself in making music in 2001. From an opportunity to another, 3 records later, he has been traveling all around the world for 15 years now, sharing some martinican vibes with different people.



“When you understand that writing and singing can be weapons, every single word is important”

When I was younger , I was very impressed by some martinican MC’s Like Straika D or Janik MC who made songs discribing my reality. Dancehall music is supposed to make people dance but if it can motivate people to think about a way to grow up, it’s even better.

Janik MC & Straika D

In my opinion the Caribbean islands are crossroads of many influences, from KASSAV’ to Marc Anthony through Buju Banton or Machel Montano.


“I have written a single for KASSAV’”

One day I received a call from Jean claude NAIMRO (one of the KASSAV leaders), asking me to write a song for him . So now I can say that I have written a single for KASSAV’. This has boosted my self esteem lol.

“DJ GIL, More than an partner he’s a friend”


I’m working with producers, beatmakers, especially with DJ GIL. We spend a lot of time in his studio, creating without limits. He’s been one of the most recognized Dj in Martinique for 15 years therefore he has developed some skills in making heavy tunes, whatever the style . Due to our friendship, I can ear his riddims before any other artist and I am able to choose beforehand.

_What does represent Carnival for you as Caribbean and artist ?

I think it like a link between people who have the same history, the same wounds and the same way of overcoming them. During this period, you can feel the energy , the creativity and the wish to tell the whole word that we do exist.


“MOROCCO was a really good experience for sure!”

A different language , a different culture , servicemen with guns but also people who want to share the vibe and have fun on caribbean rhythms .. A really good experience for sure.
I have played in many little venues at the beginning of my career , I have even sung in a nursing home and through this kind of experience, it tastes better when, several years later, you get to perform in front of 4000 or 5000 people.

“COLUMBIA was all about energy and sharing”

PAILLE at Dancehall Paradise Festival – Bogotà, Columbia

I think it would be huge to practice a creole concept of mine called « La Vakabonagerie » on the other Caribbean audiences such as Trini, Barbados or Jamaica . The challenge is bigger than me but it’s exactly the reason why I’m interested in it.


We have just finished the video for LOVER BOY, a song featuring Etana (the queen). She has such an amazing voice. I’m really proud of it and of the trust she has put in this song.



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More than a place.. a way of living!

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