“I am different and I think thats one of my strength.”

Fay- Ann is a Trinidadian Born entertainer, singer and song writer that has been in and around the Music industry from a very young age. Her Parents both were heavily involved in the Music industry. She writes her own material as well as for other Artiste. She is very involved also in the production part of most of her songs and works closely with producers.


I prioritize my day, my missions, my objectives almost everything and I must admit I have help. My day is spent doing things that relate to each other, meaning I do gym to keep fit, I keep fit for my daughter and family, I cook to help stay fit as well as keep my family well fed and spend time with them because sometimes I do meetings for a huge part of the day so cooking helps keep the bond. My daughter travels with us and we do homework on the plane or hotel or Bus etc and i get to be Mom from that aspect.

“So every thing serves a purpose to keep that connection between all the hats I wear.”


Let's go!! #AzaEmpire #AzaSefu

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I am very involved in anything fitness oriented, gym, cross training, boxing,martial arts, etc. I run half marathons for charities and have on occasion played football with some of our national team members to help raise funds. I also do school seminars with young children and collaboration with the women board I’m on to mentor and assist women in high risk areas.

Cooking is a passion and past time of mine as well as designing (I designed 2 of my past homes and I do decor as well)


“My influences come from life itself, I learn from each day and from everyone I meet. I think if you constantly want to grow you keep looking for knowledge like a plant looks for the sun.”


Its my deliberate first one, and I wanted past and present on it to show diversity. I love being able to do different types of styles within the soca aspect and I had to go this route.

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I have work that I’m to resume with Fernando Garibay, he’s so awesome and has the most fascinating way of doing writing, producing etc. I also have work with some producers from Jamaica that I’m excited about.


Avoid getting caught up in selling your body, face and sex appeal as your major strengths. Too many women come in industries and seem to love getting compliments on their looks more than their Music and works. They fall into the girl vs girl drama and don’t realize looks fade….Music and real work is timeless.

I don’t like when people create a situation and act like they are victims. I also don’t like when people use the sympathy card to get ahead in life, every body go through tough time but to use it to get people support via them feeling sorry for you is just low.


We spent so many years enjoying music from that side of the music spectrum that it is nice to be a part of it now. I would definitely love to play in those areas as I always enjoy new zones and places. The cultures are what I like seeing how they live, eat, their music their fashion, their way of talking, how they live etc. All things we use to make music, communicate and understand other cultures. I would definitely love it.


Last collaboration with the french caribbean music industry (Joli Rouge Sound & Don’s Music)

I would definitely recommend it. I have done St Lucia before, but never that event. The Energy of the people, and the fact that I only knew like 2 words in their language and they enjoyed my performance was awesome. It shows the power of performance and Music.


How soca & caribbean music can bloom worldwide without loosing its authenticity?


The thing is everybody borrows from everybody, we do it with raga soca, pop soca, afro soca, edm soca etc. The problem is not the fusions its the credit not being given aspect thats the problem.

Once the Music is being fused, mixed added etc and recognition is not given to the genre or country it originated from thats the biggest threat, then its seen by the rest of the world as a NEW sound and we who helped keep it alive and viable for years get no acknowledgement. The authenticity of any music will be questioned as long as we have young people taking up the mantle. The music I do now sounds nothing like in my fathers day, and will continue to evolve and change. Recognition for its origin is more important.


A constant flow of music and Artiste makes different, its like your fav bakery brings cake and you go back to buy it and theres none, eventually you buy another type of cake and move on. The next is marketing and opportunity. We follow the Ga Ga, and Beyonce with the hair and dress code and look like them and dress like them…. but they’re already doing that, why follow?

Its like some of us are afraid to market our looks so we adopt a look thats familiar and just dress and get a hairstyle like a celeb that already exists. Also from an opportunity we tend to not take risk, meaning some of us only perform for people that know us and stick to safe zones.

“Opportunity to expand also comes from sharing links and creating connections”



Bunji Garlin & Machel Montano

The unity people saw and continue to see is what is needed, not just for building and industry but because real things come out of real intentions. The message that we are showing, meaning both teams is that for us to have the industry we want we need the best and strongest builders. We need people that are willing to puts aside differences and make mature moves that benefit all. The fans wanted this for a while because they were split between figuring out a way to love and support the both Artiste without feeling like they were being put in a position to choose who was better…. They are different and that is what we want to show. Its ok to be different but think alike for the greater good.

“World peace starts with inner peace”

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“Thanks to KRIBBEAN & its team for giving my words ears and eyes via their readers and applaud them for being one of the bodies that are looking out for and promoting culture and persons in it”

More than a place.. a way of living!
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